Here at White Bear Haven, we honour and respect MOTHER EARTH and all her children vibrating to the magical rhythm of life. We honour the elements water, earth, air and fire, the life giving rays of the sun, and the sounds of nature. We hold space for ceremony and understanding, for reconnection, healing and reverence.


White Bear Haven is committed to cleansing the environment. We take action to neutralize the effects of man- made weather manipulation, delivered by geoengineering programs deployed worldwide. These programs have saturated our air with heavy metals, harmful organic and inorganic substances, chemicals, and radiation, resulting in catastrophic changes to weather patterns. The atmosphere is precious and we must protect it so that it resonates with perfect harmony. Let’s pay attention! All life at this particular moment in history depends on it.


The BEAR is one of Mother Earth’s children. We have chosen Bear Medicine as a way of understanding and healing. The life of BEAR reminds us of the meaning of SOLITUDE, PATIENCE, RENEWAL, COURAGE, PROTECTION, STRENGTH and so much more…

During hibernation, BEAR retreats to its sacred space for rest, perhaps traveling between the physical and spiritual worlds, only to emerge ready to take on life again on this physical plane. It is our intention that everyone who visits White Bear Haven, finds peace, nurturing, and healing, and leaves empowered, and inspired..


We are a technology free environment.